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Academy Analytics Webinar Series

Understanding the Evidence: How to Consume, Interpret, and Use Research to Improve | We frequently make comments related to research and evidence, such as: “Does the data really support that?” “Studies show…” “There’s finally enough evidence to make a protocol change.” What do these phrases really mean? Understanding the purpose of research, its place in our professional world, and how to assess the quality of a study improves your effectiveness as a leader or front line telecommunicator. In this interactive webinar, FirstWatch Improvement Guide Mike Taigman will facilitate a conversation with Isabel Gardett, Ph.D., the Director of Academics for the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch. A researcher, teacher, and lifelong learner with a wide range of interests, Dr. Gardett will share strategies for how to consume, think about, and evaluate the evidence when deciding whether or not it should impact operations or protocols. She’ll also take your questions and share ways you can contribute to the growing body of research in emergency communications.

Webinar Date: September 9, 2019 | Recording Available

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