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Webinar: An evidence-based approach for how to manage burnout and stress for EMS professionals

Understand causes and learn techniques to manage stress for on the job or at home. Thursday, August 6, 2020 10:00am PT / 1pm ET (1 hour) Burnout and work-related stress have negative consequences for the EMS professional and their workplace organizations. Addressing the root causes and improving the health and safety of the workforce requires a multi-level approach. In this webinar, Dr. Remle Crowe and Mike Taigman will discuss drivers of burnout and present research-based strategies to reduce stress. Sponsored by ESO For [...]


Medic2Medic Podcast interview with Mike Taigman and Sascha Liebowitz

Mike Taigman and Sascha Liebowitz are interviewed by Steven Cohen on this Medic2Medic Podcast. Their new book is Super-Charge Your Stress Management in the Age of COVID-19: A Handbook for Emergency Services and Healthcare Professionals. Mike and Sascha wrote the book because helping is in their DNA. The book describes techniques that are easy to learn and easy to put into practice. Find out how wiggling your toes may help relieve stress. They discuss how the book came about, how they collaborated on the [...]


Upgrade Your Life Podcast with Del Denney – Super Charge Your Stress Management in the Age of Covid-19 | A Conversation with Mike Taigman

As a popular educator and author for several decades, Mike has focused on helping folks in emergency medical services take better care of themselves so they can take better care of their patients and communities. In this podcast, Mike shares strategies and discusses his new book Super Charge Your Stress Management in the Age of COVID-19.

Todd Stout

More Than a Pile of Data with Todd Stout

Podcast with IAED – Annals of Emergency Dispatch & Response, hosted by Becca Barrus. Todd Stout, president and founder of FirstWatch, discusses the role of FirstWatch in COVID-19 surveillance, lessons learned from the Ebola virus outbreak, and the importance of emergency dispatchers increasing their resilience.

Todd and AJ

EMS Today Show Interview with Todd Stout on COVID-19

JEMS Editor Emeritus AJ Heightman interviewed FirstWatch president Todd Stout on COVID-19. Todd shares some history of FirstWatch helping with health surveillance and emerging infectious diseases, ways that FirstWatch customers are using data during this pandemic, the importance of resilience, and our commitment to helping provide helpful and actionable information for all first responders via our health intelligence pages, webinars, and articles.