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Public Safety-oriented information and resources on the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19.

Paramedic Chiefs of Canada – COVID-19 Webinar A National Conversation: Part 4 – Supporting Staff During a Pandemic – April 16th | Recording and Handout

Continuing forward from our recent COVID-19 Webinars, “A National Conversation” where we gather brief “snapshots” of current provincial and/or national states on a variety of pressing topics related to COVID-19. The focus of this webinar was on “Supporting Staff during a Pandemic.”

The Prepared Warrior Podcast

The Prepared Warrior Podcast: Policing in a Pandemic | Mike Taigman

Before beginning a shift for the day, what is something those working in law enforcement can do to prepare themselves, knowing they are risking exposure to COVID-19? For those working in a leadership role, what is important for them to keep in mind? This pandemic has the potential to drag on for a long time, what are the possible effects of long-term heightened stress on first responders? Can you explain the concept of crisis rehearsal and how that could be beneficial for [...]


Introduction to the Staying Informed, Staying Healthy, & Staying in Charge Article Series

Any time there is a novel virus, regardless of what it is or where it came from, there is a learning curve for virologists, infectious disease doctors, epidemiologists, other health care workers, first responders and the public.  This is even more pronounced when it is a global event, since different countries note and report different data points and have different thresholds for including these elements in a report.  Those countries with their own robust health systems, especially with epidemiologically-based [...]


First Responders, Stress Management and Coronavirus – April 2nd | Recording and Resources

How to take care of yourself and your family during this crisis Coronavirus transformed our lives nearly overnight. Suddenly, we’re bombarded with messages: Stay home, shelter in place, avoid sick people, flatten the curve, not enough ventilators, you may be a carrier for days without symptoms. It’s no wonder people all over the world have a higher collective stress level than any time in modern history. And if you work in emergency services, you can’t stay home or avoid sick people. The extra [...]


New COVID-19 Resource Page on

A new COVID-19 resource page on provides easy to find links to the most relevant and up-to-date information from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), NHTSA Office of EMS and other Federal agencies involved in the response to the pandemic. This includes guidance for treating potential COVID-19 patients, information on PPE use and supplies and processes for handling healthcare providers who have been exposed to coronavirus.


COVID-19 Surveillance and Triage Using MPDS Webinar – March 27th | Recording and Handout

Emerging Disease Surveillance and Triage using the MPDS ProQA software Click here to view the recording. Click here for a pdf of the slides. Mentioned during webinar: Link to Academy Analytics COVID-19 features, click here. Link to webinar on Monday, March 30th, about using Academy Analytics for COVID-19, click here. We will post the Q&A if we receive any more answers that were not covered in the webinar. This presentation covers the various software tools available in the ProQA-medical software program for managing the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as surveillance [...]


National Institutes of Health (NIH) launches COVID-19 website for the workplace, including emergency responders

With new funding from Congress, the NIH has launched a website with training and educational resources for workers confronting COVID-19 in the workplace, including emergency first responders, hospital workers, and others at risk due to possible exposure to the virus via their work assignments. This training will be part of the already established Worker Training Program. Use this link for specifics about the COVID-19 training program and links to other training programs and resources. National Institutes of Health


5th Webinar in a Series: Paramedic Chiefs of Canada – COVID-19: National Conversation on Employee Quarantine and Other Topics – March 26th | Recording and Handout

Canadian Paramedic Services National Conversation led by Darren Sandbeck, Senior Provincial Director & Chief Paramedic, Alberta Health Services Emergency Medical Services This conversation was in the tradition originally started with a conference call among Canadian EMS leaders sharing information during SARS. This highly successful information and best practices sharing approach was continued, with help from FirstWatch, during the H1N1 and Ebola outbreaks. This session was led by Darren Sandbeck. Click here to view the recording. Click here for a pdf of the slides. Situational Awareness for All Public [...]


4th Webinar in a Series: COVID-19 EMS Patient Management: Myth vs. Reality | Recording and Handout

This joint webinar of PCC, AIMHI, IAED, NAEMT, CAA, and FirstWatch was the 4th in a series. We were proud to see that over 1,300 people registered for it. With Matt Zavadsky from MedStar moderating, our presenters for Solano County, California were Dr. Bela Matyas from Solano County Public Health, Ted Selby from Solano County EMS, and Jimmy Pierson from Medic Ambulance. They provided incredibly useful and practical information from their ongoing experience providing care for COVID-19 patients quarantined at Travis Air Base. One example of insight shared is how they balanced the needs of the community for EMS coverage with [...]


COVID-19 Process/Policy Template

The intention of the COVID-19 Process/Policy Template is to provide agencies, medical directors, or others who want to utilize it, an outline/template on which to build an agency-specific policy/protocol to address COVID-19. This includes suggestions for development and/or oversight committees, outside partners and stakeholders, as well as preparation and process for EMS workers who provide best practice care for patients as well as providing for the protection of pre-hospital providers and medical director(s). Its application is totally up to the user. This [...]


COVID-19 Revised CDC Definition Feb 27, 2020

Executive Summary: A revised Criteria to Guide Evaluation of PUI for COVID-19 and Footnotes have been developed by the CDC to better define what currently makes a person fall into ‘A Person Under Investigation Status’ (aka Case Definition).  It consists of an Introduction, the Criteria Chart, List of Affected Geographic Areas of Widespread or Sustained Community Spread, and Footnotes to clarify specific application.   Download the Full Update