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Coronavirus 2019-nCoV URL Resources Feb 2, 2020

Coronavirus Resource URLs for Public Safety Organizations: Link to the IAED EIDS Tool for 2019-nCoV: https://www.emergencydispatch.org/coronavirus-2019-nCoV OSHA Recommendations for 2019-nCoV: https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/novel_coronavirus/ FEMA on 2019-nCoV: https://www.usfa.fema.gov/operations/infograms/012320.html NAEMSP Recommendations for 2019-nCoV: https://naemsp.org/home/news/ems-considerations-for-coronavirus/ FireRescue1 Presents the IAFC List of Resources for 2019n-CoV including the NHTSA Office of EMS01: Guidance for the novel virus: https://www.firerescue1.com/fire-chief/articles/iafc-compiles-wuhan-coronavirus-resources-for-fire-ems-leaders-pjDd627JV7ana0sZ/ IAFF Recommendations for 2019-nCoV: https://www.iaff.org/coronavirus/ HHS ASPR/Tracie EMS Infection Control Handbook (not limited to Coronavirus): https://files.asprtracie.hhs.gov/documents/aspr-tracie-transport-playbook-508.pdf WHO, PHAC, and CDC Resources for 2019-nCoV: WHO Home Page with Links to Other Resources including Daily Situation Reports: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019 Public Health Agency of Canada Home Page with Links to [...]


Coronavirus Travel Alert & Screenings in the US & the WHO Erred in its Assessment of Risk

Executive Summary: The CDC has announced that U.S. Travel Alert Status in now at Level 3 – All non-essential travel to China should be avoided.  The CDC has also expanded airport screening to more airports, for a total of 18 and to two border crossing sites.  The WHO has repaired a mistake in wording, regarding risk of 2019-nCoV disease to areas.  The correct WHO risk assessment is Very High Risk (raised from High) in China, High Risk in the Region [...]


Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Update 1/26/20

IN THE NEWS The 2019-nCoV situation is a rapidly changing one with almost constant news media reports, situation reports, revised information and guidelines, travel bans and recommendations, and more.  Reports of new cases, including where the case was identified (country, state, province, county, etc.), travel or other specific information associated with the new patient, and a running total of suspected cases, confirmed cases, deaths caused by the virus, and other case information is often published in one form or another.  [...]


Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Update 1/24/20

IN THE NEWS The emergence of a novel disease is always a rapidly changing situation and FirstWatch will attempt to be your clearinghouse of important information for planning and on-going operational activity as well as ongoing infection prevention control for your 1st Responders, Staff and Citizens. We will provide and update information, as well as recommendations from expert governmental and public health experts, as it becomes available.  We’ll try to keep current and include the information that may have an [...]


1st Case of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in the United States

IN THE NEWS The CDC and the State of Washington Department of Health in coordination with the Snohomish Health District posted news releases of the first U.S. case of the novel coronavirus that was first identified in Wuhan, China and was reported to the WHO on December 31, 2019.  Most cases were initially associated with a Wuhan Seafood and Animal (dead & alive) Market.  Many of the initial cases were vendors at that market, but there has also been limited [...]


Opioids: How the City of Lowell, Massachusetts, is Fighting the Crisis

ICMA article delves into making real improvements within the opioid crisis, featuring our customer and friend Jon Kelley, Director of Operations, Communication, and IT for Trinity EMS, and FirstWatch Clinical Solutions Specialist, Sylvia Verdugo. Written by Audrey Fraizer, Managing Editor, Journal of Emergency Dispatch, International Academies of Emergency Dispatch.