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Data Without Borders

Fire/EMS agencies in the National Capital Region use FirstWatch to monitor hospitals across the region. With our help, they’ve created a Regional Hospital Dashboard that pulls CAD data from multiple counties and departments. By sharing data across jurisdictional lines, they have a much more accurate picture of just how busy local hospitals are. We’re proud to partner with these agencies and visionary leaders as they break down silos in order to serve their communities. The potential to connect data [...]


Q&A: Naloxone is not enough

EMS1 article by Mike Taigman and Silvia Verdugo MD, MPH, where Medical Director and Emergency Physician Gene Hern explores the potential for treating patients with opioid use disorder with buprenorphine. Visit website here.


EMS Agenda 2050

EMS Agenda 2050 is the result of a collaborative and inclusive two-year effort to create a bold plan for the next several decades. The new Agenda for the Future envisions people-centered innovative possibilities to advance EMS systems and is now available to download here. FirstWatch supported the effort by lending out our own Mike Taigman to serve as the facilitator for this important project. Visit website here.


How biosurveillance turns opioids-related data into actionable intelligence

Check out this PoliceOne article “How biosurveillance turns opioids-related data into actionable intelligence” by By Rob Lawrence, P1 Contributor. See how a customer agency, in Richmond, Virginia, is utilizing the FirstWatch system and turning real-time activity data into actionable intelligence. Of note, the Richmond Ambulance Authority was the first commercial user of the FirstWatch system. Read the Full Article Here.


New EMS1 Column Post by Mike Taigman – Universal precautions are not just to protect us

Read the latest post in the new Paramedic Chief column via EMS1, “Universal precautions are not just to protect us” written by our own Improvement Guide, Mike Taigman. This column focuses on practices that protect patients as well as health care workers, with some sound practical steps crews can implement immediately. Read the Latest Column Article Here. Access all Column Articles Here.


Reducing Opioid Overdose Deaths Within Communities – A Quality Improvement Perspective

Check out the new publication on the role of EMS in addressing the opioid epidemic. It includes an article by our Improvement Guide, Mike Taigman on using quality improvement principles in Deming’s for lenses of Profound Knowledge to decrease deaths and improve recovery for people dealing with opioid addiction: Read the Full Article Here.