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EMS Royal Flush

Download PDF (Journal of Emergency Medical Services, JEMS, February 2012)Against all odds, Jersey City Medical Center EMS reinvented itself and achieved five major national EMS recognitions. Their epic efforts set a new standard for overcoming adversity, EMS system redesign, clinical excellence and employee acceptance–and implementing electronic processes like FirstWatch was part of the solution.


Crunching the Numbers

Download PDF (Best Practices Magazine, April 2010) In Sedgwick County, KS, data collection leads to increased efficiency and better patient care.  


Operation Overload

Operation Overload (EMS World, May 2007) EMS Providers in Henderson, NV, face the challenges of explosive growth.


High-Tech Tool Warns of Flu Outbreaks

Download PDF (USA Today, Nov 2003) High- tech tool warns of flu outbreaks OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A high-tech tool designed to warn of bioterror attacks is helping to pinpoint influenza outbreaks in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The FirstWatch system used by the Emergency Medical Services Authority scans 911 calls and gathers information about the medical symptoms of emergency patients. The computer software has identified clusters of flu activity in Oklahoma s two largest cities from calls to EMSA dispatch centers. The system [...]


Three Rivers Gets EMS Early-Warning System

Download PDF (FireTimes, 2003) Three Rivers gets EMS early -warning system The News -Sentinel If you get food poisoning in Fort Wayne, an ambulance driver could know before you do. Fort Wayne, Indiana – A new early-warning system installed by the Three Rivers Ambulance Authority tracks 911 call patterns, and spots a spike in calls reporting certain symptoms — before human observers can. The system can be used to identify a disease outbreak, a cluster of foodborne illness, even a bioterrorism attack. Once the [...]