COVID-19 Update 2/25/20

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COVID-19 Update 2/25/20

Executive Summary:

The COVID-19 outbreak is rapidly evolving into a global event which potentially puts people all over the world at risk for being infected by it.  Although it not as lethal as SARS-CoV or MER-CoV, it does, in some countries, seem to have very efficient sustained person to person transmission, which requires careful monitoring and updated recommendations and guidance to hopefully prevent a pandemic.  Today’s report includes a Situation Update from both the CDC and PHAC, as well as a briefing from WHO Director-General Tedros about the findings of the WHO-China Joint Mission.  Information about the U.S. expansion of flu and respiratory virus surveillance to include COVID-19 testing, to then transition to nationwide surveillance, travel guidance for travelers and the travel industry, and which body fluids are likely infectious and which ones may not be.


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