EMS/First Responder Application of the CDC Measles Recommendations

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EMS/First Responder Application of the CDC Measles Recommendations

The CDC has recently published a new document called Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations Guidance for Measles in Healthcare Settings (7/19)It is a comprehensive document aimed at a person who provides health care to individuals who may have measles.  It basically provides the framework to plan and develop policies and procedures for, as well as apply definitions and evidence-based care, to both a suspected or known case of measles. It further provides for the protection of First Responders and others in health care during their transport and arrival at the hospital through to the care if an HCP is exposed/develops the measles.  There are many links to different websites leading to even more info and framework regarding measles.  In an attempt to make it more EMS/ First Responder specific, we concentrated on those items that apply to EMS/First Responders and expanded them so they can be utilized by First Responder agencies as they update or develop a comprehensive plan to manage the possibility, or reality, of measles in their local area. […]

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