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Coronavirus Webinar with Paramedic Chiefs of Canada on Thursday, February 13th, 2020

2nd PCC Webcast in a Series: 2019-nCoV “Coronavirus” – Feb-13-2020 View Webinar Recording View Webinar Slides (PDF format) Download Webinar Slides (PowerPoint format, for your teaching purposes) Additional Resources Mentioned During the Webinar: This list of URLs provides current, as of 2/12/20, URL links to both Canadian (PHAC) and American (CDC) COVID-19 Case Definitions, including a rapid use CDC Flowchart for ID and Assessment, CDC Interim EMS and PSAP Guidance, and Interim Guidance for All Health Care Workers.  There are also links to Home [...]


Coronavirus Webinar with Paramedic Chiefs of Canada

PCC Webcast: 2019-nCoV “Coronavirus” – Emerging Infectious Disease FirstWatch helped the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada (PCC) host an informational webinar on the 2019-nCoV Coronavirus, Monday, February 3rd at 9 am Pacific/12 noon Eastern. The PCC began holding similar informational discussions during the SARS outbreak and worked with FirstWatch during the subsequent H1N1 and Ebola outbreaks. This PCC webinar was open to anyone, but we especially wanted to invite FirstWatch customers to get the most recent information on the Coronavirus and FirstWatch [...]


AIMHI – Quality Metrics and Dashboarding

AIMHI – Quality Metrics and Dashboarding | The world is becoming more focused on data, and sometimes it feels we gather data but don’t get the results we want.  Data is a language all on its own – a language we must master in order to understand what the data is telling us.  Transitioning data into useable information takes practice, just like learning a new language.  This session will present several real-world case studies that demonstrate how to create [...]


AIMHI – Models for STEMI & Stroke Hospital Activations From the Comm Center

Challenging, Choosing and Modifying Best Practices in Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA) Management Learn how Metro EMS (MEMS) developed a Stroke protocol that is based on current science—and some common sense. Hear how MEMS uses stroke assessment skills to differentiate between small and large vessel occlusions and determine the most capable hospital for the patient. The discussion includes processes such as early activation, bypassing stroke-ready hospitals, clinical outcomes, and data. About the Speaker: Edwin “Mack” Hutchison Mack was born in Memphis, Tennessee on August [...]


AIMHI – Value-Based Finance Models for EMS

How successfully has EMS proved its value—as defined by the people who pay for our services? The answer to that question is crucial as the healthcare system continues its rapid transformation to economic models based on value. This informational, and at times controversial, webinar will guide participants through examples of the healthcare finance value transformation, illustrate the recent publications that seem challenge the value of the current EMS economic model, and highlight ways EMS can change and tailor the [...]