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AIMHI – Value-Based Finance Models for EMS

How successfully has EMS proved its value—as defined by the people who pay for our services? The answer to that question is crucial as the healthcare system continues its rapid transformation to economic models based on value. This informational, and at times controversial, webinar will guide participants through examples of the healthcare finance value transformation, illustrate the recent publications that seem challenge the value of the current EMS economic model, and highlight ways EMS can change and tailor the [...]


Building Resilience to Prevent PTSD, Decrease Suicides, and Increase Happiness

The little black ribbon across a uniform badge or posted on social media signals that we’ve lost another one of our own. More and more of those tragic deaths are from suicide, leaving public safety professionals searching for ways to help our colleagues before it’s too late. One promising approach is focused on increasing resilience, defined as the ability to advance despite adversity—to handle day-to-day stressors and major events like school shootings and natural disasters without suffering serious psychological [...]