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ResilientFirst Webinar – Enhance your team’s mental health!

Please join us for this overview of ResilientFirst, presented by Mike Taigman. You’ll have an introduction to the initial assessment and micro-task system for developing resilience and we’ll discuss ways to help your team become happier, mentally healthier, and better able to manage stress. ResilientFirst is an easy-to-use, science-based way for emergency service and healthcare personnel to increase resilience in just a few minutes a day, preparing them to cope with stressors before they happen. Our vision is to make [...]


Building Resilience to Prevent PTSD, Decrease Suicides, and Increase Happiness

The little black ribbon across a uniform badge or posted on social media signals that we’ve lost another one of our own. More and more of those tragic deaths are from suicide, leaving public safety professionals searching for ways to help our colleagues before it’s too late. One promising approach is focused on increasing resilience, defined as the ability to advance despite adversity—to handle day-to-day stressors and major events like school shootings and natural disasters without suffering serious psychological [...]


Suicide Prevention for First Responders Resources

Important: Tools/Cards/Scales Are Not Designed to Be Used without Training & Medical Director and/or Mental Health Professional Oversite General Information on Suicide/Prevention: National Institute of Health (NIH) Suicide in America FAQs: https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/publications/suicide-faq/suicideinamericafaq-508_149986.pdf Mental Health Government Site for Identifying Suicidal Behavior: https://www.mentalhealth.gov/what-to-look-for/suicidal-behavior # Information on a Scale (C-SSRS) developed by Columbia University to ID Someone at Risk: http://cssrs.columbia.edu/the-columbia-scale-c-ssrs/about-the-scale/ # Training Opportunities for Using the C-SSRS (see above): http://cssrs.columbia.edu/training/training-options/ # Home Page for the C-SSRS with Links for Group-Specific Scales: http://cssrs.columbia.edu/ # C-SSRS Scale for Use with Families, Friends & Neighbors http://cssrs.columbia.edu/the-columbia-scale-c-ssrs/cssrs-for-families-friends-and-neighbors/ ^Suicide [...]


Suicide Prevention for First Responders

The term First Responders encompasses a wide range of occupations, particularly when including federal, state, and local government, as well as private and third service workers. It includes those involved in law enforcement of any type, in firefighting regardless of where or what is burning, and those involved in bringing medical services to those in the community, regardless of where they are or why they need help. Sometimes, these groups have very little in common and sometimes they have [...]