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There have been recent reports, from new agencies and other organizations, about Zika cases in the United States for 2018.  It seemed important to clarify exactly what those reports mean at this time, while also stating that the current status in the United States could change at any time.  Those areas with mosquitos that can carry the Zika virus need to be aware of this possibility, particularly after high rain/standing water events. Specifically, although there are currently Zika cases in [...]


Zika Update as of Aug 23, 2016

1. A new area with local transmission by mosquitos has been identified in Miami, Florida for a portion of South Beach. 2. A non-travel case of Zika has been identified in Pinellas County, Florida and was announced Tuesday. 3. A scientific research study was released using mice models that indicates that the Zika virus is able to cause brain damage in mice adult neural stem cells. For a more complete Zika update, Click Here.