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Near real-time public safety and public health performance, operational and clinical compliance data at your finger-tips via your iPhoneiPad, Android Tablet or Android Phone, that’s FirstWatch!

Real-Time Dashboards for:
Situational Awareness
Response Times & KPIs
Clinical and Operational Performance
Automated Alerting
Regional Data Aggregation & Sharing
Pandemic/Public Health Surveillance

Apple Devices
Android Tablet
Android Phone

 Android Phone version 1.0 Now Available!

The new Android phone App features drag and drop gauges, in-depth drill downs into incidents, graphs, charts and maps. With comparable features of the iPhone, the Android phone version is the first (coming to the iPhone in the near future) to display an interactive map with clickable pins containing detailed call information.

iPhone iOS version 1.2 Now Available!

In addition to all of the features and functionality provided by our iPad and Tablet versions, our iPhone App is now more notification focused. Notifications are managed through the iOS Notification Center. You can now be logged off of your App and still receive direct notifications.

iPad iOS version 1.3 / Android Tablet version 1.1 Key Features

Drag and drop gauges to reposition them! To do so:
1. Tap and hold down a gauge
2. Move the gauge
3. Tap on the gauge again to anchor it

Version 1.0 Key Features

  • Gauge Drilldown — Drill into each individual gauge for a more in-depth trigger summary, including a link to view the full trigger via the FirstWatch system in your web browser.
  • Trigger Listing — Self-select to view the status of your performance based or trend based triggers.
  • Alert History — View a complete a alert summary including the time each alert was sent.
  • Event Listing — Dynamically sized event listing for each individual trigger.
  • Mapping — Event locations plotted out using Apple maps. Performance based triggers use red and green pins to represent events occurring within or outside of the set standard.

Planned Key Feature for Upcoming Versions

  • Notification and Alert Details — Detailed event summary of each trigger notification/alert received.
  • Trigger Details — Drill down into a more detailed view of each trigger with the ability to view the trigger in different views (i.e. event listing, charts, maps, graphs etc.).

Please Note: This App is intended for use by authorized FirstWatch clients. If you are not an authorized user, you will not be able to access the mobile application.

*Features are subject to change without prior notice.

I have downloaded the FirstWatch app on my iPhone and would like to say it is wonderful to have the access in the palm of my hand… the app is a great resource!

Daniel R. DunlapENP, 911 Communications Division Chief - Okaloosa County Department of Public Safety