FirstWatch Team

Meet Our Team

  • Janet Baker Customer Support

    Operational Support Technician
    If a public safety organization requests a specific report — say, they want to know where cardiac arrests are occurring, whether an AED was used and how patients fared in a quest to improve survival rates — Janet Baker will likely get called to develop it.

  • Jon Baker Customer Support

    Solutions Specialist - Report Leads
    “I feel at home in this industry, and it feels incredible to be a part of making it stronger through the work I’m involved with.”

  • Marc Baker Sales & Marketing, Senior Leadership

    VP - Business Development
    Marc believes his mission is asking the right questions and listening to customers talk about what they need to do to improve situational awareness, operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Jay Bechelli Customer Support

    Project Manager
    Jay is charged with making sure the entire process of installing FirstWatch — from planning to legal to deployment — runs smoothly.

  • Daniel Brown Customer Support

    Solutions Specialist - Reports
    The newest addition to our support department, Daniel specializes in Report development for our customers.

  • Michael Burwell Customer Support

    Operations Associate
    He’s tasked with making sure the computing systems, including the hardware and software that our customers and internal staff rely on to run FirstWatch, is properly maintained and updated.

  • Chris Carlson Sales & Marketing

    Regional Manager – Midwest
    Chris works daily with our customers and prospective clients in the Midwest.

  • Edward Chiu Engineering, Senior Leadership

    VP - Special Engineering Projects
    Ed manages FirstWatch’s team of software engineers who create and maintain the infrastructure that enables FirstWatch’s system to operate reliably and at optimal speed.

  • Zian Choy Engineering

    Software Engineer II
    Zian Choy is called upon to do anything from system updates to customer requests.

  • Francis Chue Engineering

    Software Development Manager
    Francis is one of the FirstWatch software engineers who ensure the website is running as it should, with constant updates and improvements to make it even more user-friendly.

  • Israel Cintora Engineering

    Software Engineer II
    The latest addition to our engineering team, Israel Cintora works closely with our support staff to turnout virtually any trigger our customers might ask for.

  • Paul Crosby Engineering

    Senior Software Engineer 
    Paul Crosby is called upon to do anything from build triggers, work on data source installations, or enhance product features.

  • Darlene Davis Customer Support

    Operations Administrative Assistant
    Darlene Davis is responsible for overseeing project tasks, creating user accounts, documenting client communication and troubleshooting client inquires.

  • Phil Davis Sales & Marketing

    Regional Manager
    “It is the long-term relationships that I develop with customers that motivates me to help identify and meet each customer’s personal needs.”

  • Pam Farber, RN, EMT-P Customer Support

    Pam works with us to provide information and summarize alerts, advisories, guidelines, and articles regarding flu and other infectious disease happenings across the United States, Canada and other countries.

  • Terry Fitch Sales & Marketing

    Regional Manager
    Terry works with prospective clients using consultative skills that help in making recommendations to meet the scope of projects while working with existing customers to ascertain needs and provide excellent customer service.

  • Alex Garcia Engineering

    Software Engineer, User Interface
    Alex Garcia  is responsible for keeping the look and feel, presentation and interactivity of our FirstWatch products up-to-date.

  • Debbie Gilligan Administration, Senior Leadership

    Product Strategist
    For Debbie, it is the collaborative relationships with her customers and her grasp of the marketplace and user needs that drives her success.

  • Katelyn Gilligan Customer Support

    Solution Specialist
    New to our Support team, Katelyn is always ready to pitch in where needed.

  • Bernie Horak Customer Support

    Clinical Solutions Specialist
    “I see myself as a bridge between our customers and our engineering staff to mine for the data that is in their systems and collect and develop it into a useful format.”

  • Kevin Lee Engineering

    Director of Engineering
    When it comes to digging in and solving technical issues or developing new software that expands what FirstWatch can offer customers, Kevin Lee is the right one for the job.

  • Ryan Maloney Customer Support

    Clinical Solutions Specialist
    With a special focus on clinical work, Ryan aims to give our customers the ability to focus on what is important in their particular service so that they can spend less time trying to determine where they can improve.

  • Mercedes Mancuso Administration

    Manager, HR/Office
    “I like that my position requires a lot of different skills and the challenge of handling a variety of tasks, but most of all, I like taking care of people.”

  • Nancy Rodenhausen Administration

    Tradeshow Coordinator
    From office manager to now part-time tradeshow coordinator, the word “retirement” doesn’t seem to be in her future, or vocabulary.

  • John Selters Customer Support, Senior Leadership

    Director of Operations
    From new customer deployments, to ongoing customer support, to overseeing internal technology infrastructure and personnel, John Selters oversees all aspects of FirstWatch’s operations.

  • Randy Skomsvold Administration, Senior Leadership

    Chief Financial Officer
    Financial reporting and analysis, billing and collecting, budgeting and forecasting, strategic planning and HIPPA compliance are just a few of Randy’s responsibilities at FirstWatch.

  • Jessica Smith Sales & Marketing

    Marketing Manager
    As the youngest member of our FirstWatch Sales & Marketing team, Jessica has been brought on board to ensure that all collateral and other communications put forth reflect the FirstWatch brand accurately and effectively.

  • Todd Stout Administration, Senior Leadership

    Founder & President 
    “The professionals who work in EMS and public safety are trying to do the right thing, every day. Our job is to help them succeed. We make sure decision-makers have the information they need anywhere and anytime, in an easily understandable way.”

  • Yvonne Stringer Customer Support

    Operational Support Technician
    Yvonne’s priority is being there for customers, day or night, to make sure they’re getting the most out of FirstWatch.

  • Mike Taigman Customer Support, Senior Leadership

    Improvement Guide 
    Mike’s broad experience is put to good use by helping customers understand how to use technology, data and performance measures to make things better for patients, communities, providers, and organizations.

  • Mike Thompson Customer Support

    Solutions Specialist - FirstPass

  • Jim Veskerna Customer Support, Senior Leadership

    Manager - Customer Care
    Whether it’s handling installations and orientations or consulting with customers on specific questions or requests, Jim is dedicated to making sure customers get the support they need.

  • Stephen Wong Engineering

    Senior Software Engineer
    The more complex the programming challenge, the more Stephen likes to delve into it.