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into meaningful information in real-time.

Every minute of every day, in hundreds of communities throughout North America, public safety and healthcare professionals count on FirstWatch to turn raw data into useful information, in real time. We can help you use the data you're already collecting for enhanced situational awareness, improved operational effectiveness, and better outcomes.

Real-Time Data

CAD, ePCR, ProQA, RMS, or Hospital ED data at your fingertips.

Improve Performance

Improve operational and clinical performance by monitoring KPI’s and adherence to patient care protocols.

Early Event Detection

Receive alerts for early signs of chemical, biological, radioactive or for occurring epidemics or pandemics.


Quickly see the status of any dataset – take action in real-time.

Easy Implementation

FirstWatch is easy to install, reliable and secure – and requires no changes on your end.

Situational Awareness

Early recognition of suspicious activity, crime trends, arson patterns and other incidents of interest, including activities around high-threat facilities.

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