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Ryan White Act Expanded to Include COVID-19 Reporting

Executive Summary: For those Public Safety Agencies reporting an employee’s possible exposure, and expecting notification of a positive COVID-19 disease result from the hospital or public health officer, the expanded Ryan White Act of 2009 update has been published by NIOSH/CDC and will address this issue.  Furthermore, emergency response employees covered by the Act have been defined.  Full Report: The CDC/NIOSH has updated the Infectious Diseases and Circumstances Relevant to Notification of Emergency Response Employees: Implementation of Sec.2695 of the Ryan [...]


National Institutes of Health (NIH) launches COVID-19 website for the workplace, including emergency responders

With new funding from Congress, the NIH has launched a website with training and educational resources for workers confronting COVID-19 in the workplace, including emergency first responders, hospital workers, and others at risk due to possible exposure to the virus via their work assignments. This training will be part of the already established Worker Training Program. Use this link for specifics about the COVID-19 training program and links to other training programs and resources. National Institutes of Health


Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV – What Public Safety/First Responders Can Do

What First Responders Can Do Feb-3-2020: The information in the attached PDF is designed to assist EMS and other First Responders, but may contain information not complete or applicable to a particular agency or situation.  All stakeholders should review pertinent national public health and WHO documents to ensure complete knowledge. Download the pdf