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NIOSH Warns of Counterfeit Particulate Respirators Feb 4, 2020

IN THE NEWS Executive Summary: The CDC and NIOSH have reported counterfeit respirators being sold on the open market with various methods of NIOSH Approval misrepresentation in the way of pictures and descriptions. Full Report: NIOSH-Approved N95 or better masks are the mainstay of preventing airborne diseases from being transmitted and is the minimum required mask for health care workers when Airborne Precautions are in place (such as for suspected 2019-nCoV patients). They must be individually Fit Tested after a medical evaluation to [...]


CDC Updated Infection Control Guidelines for Health Care Workers (Oct. 2019)

IN THE NEWS Target Audience: Leadership & management operational roles for those with occupational risk of infectious disease exposure(s) or even possible risk. All leadership & staff that are part of the occupational or medical services section of an agency, or is contracted with one that administers or provides occupational health services. The CDC just published an update to the Guidelines for Infection Control in Health Care Personnel, 1998.  One of the parts that was updated referred, in the 1998 document, to emergency-response [...]